Session Duration

Typically, a "therapy hour" spans 45-50 minutes; however, some exposure therapy sessions are 60-90 minutes.

Session Frequency

OCD Initial Assessment:  1-2 hours

Other Initial Assessment:  1 hour

Traditional Outpatient:  1 hour weekly

Intensive Outpatient: 2-3 hours weekly

Hourly Rate

Self-Pay Fee per *45-50min therapy session hour:  $130**

The therapy approaches for conditions treated by Allay OCD are not only the most effective therapeutic treatments, but they are considered short-term relative to other approaches; therefore, patients receive the most cost-effective care in the long-run.

*Therapy session hours are typically 45-50 minutes; however, at times exposures may require 60+ minutes.

**If you cannot afford this fee, please inquire with Dr. Curiel if she has any available reduced fee slots (they are limited).

Payment Options


Ivy Pay (HIPAA compliant electronic merchant system)

-Links your debit, credit, HSA/FSA

-Dr. Curiel will prompt the app to send your cell phone a link to set up your account and you can store your payment methods there

-Dr. Curiel will then charge your Ivy Pay account for sessions and cancelation fees

Please no cash payment


Insurance does not cover exposure or any sessions longer than 52 minutes for OCD and other Anxiety Disorders (other than PTSD).  For this reason among others (e.g. limiting number of approved sessions, dropping coverage in the middle of a treatment episode, requiring disclosure of notes), many OCD specialists do not accept insurance.  Dr. Curiel does not bill in-network or out-of-network, but can provide you with a superbill that you can submit to request reimbursement from your insurance company.  Some patients have been successful in obtaining full or partial reimbursement from insurance from the following insurers*:

Cerner Health Plans

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas

Blue Shield of California

*The above list does not guarantee you will be reimbursed by your insurance company.  It is approved on a case by case basis.  Having met your deductible may make a difference.

 It is the responsibility of the patient (or guardian) to obtain insurance pre-approval and submit superbills.  It is suggested you obtain your insurance representative's name or ID number, date and time of correspondence, and a written agreement.  

Cancelation Fees

Per your intake paperwork, you will sign a  form stating you agree to provide a 24 hour notice when you cancel an appointment; otherwise, a 50% cancelation fee will be charged.  In the event of an emergency, this fee will be waived.

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